Why I'm the Right Choice

Choosing JB's Hardwood Floors is the right choice because we are commited to the quality of our work.  We will make it right,so that you don't have to worry.


John Byrum owner of JB's hardwood floors will be doing the installation of your hardwood flooring personally.  Not many hardwood company owners do their own work. Other companies tend to have crews, which will increase their cost for labor.  

John is very committed to making things look their best, because his moto is,"If I wouldn't want it in my home, then why would I want it in yours?"




John will give you an estimate that includes the price of wood and labor.  He will have you pay for the supplies as a deposit and then when the floor is completed you pay for the labor.    

John with JB's Hardwood is a family man. He knows that times are tough. John knows you work hard to have a home and that means he will do his best to make the hardwood flooring that you chose to look great.


John Byrum
Owner of JB's Hardwood Floors