Your New Floor

JB's Hardwood Floors will help you with any of your hardwood floor installing, sanding and refinishing needs.

Installation of new hardwood:

Whether you choose a solid, engineered pre-finished floor, floating laminate or a traditional unfinished hardwood to be finished in your home, we will make sure the process is quick and worry free.

First we will come out to your home and do a FREE estimate.  After the estimate is complete we will help you choose the right hardwood flooring for your budget. When you have chosen your hardwood flooring from the samples we provide we will schedule a time that we can start the installation.

We treat hardwood flooring as an investment for your home and many questions come up when making a investment decision.    Please feel free to contact John Byrum owner of JB's Hardwood Floors personally with any questions you have with this huge investment to your home.

John Byrum
Owner of JB's Hardwood Floors


Here are some frequent questions and answers for you to take a look at:

How long can I expect the installation to final product to take?

How long the installation will take will depend on which type of flooring you choose.  Installation of a pre-finished floor doesn't require sanding.  Given that no sanding is required, the process takes less time.  (Est. 300 sq ft would take 1 day)  If you choose to install raw hardwood flooring that requires sanding and finishing it will take between 3-4 days depending on the square footage of the area of floor being done.